“That’s it, just a little higher—oh, oh, oh, you’re almost there, fuck yes!”

I sat on the floor next to BlackJack while Ace stretched to hang this enormous picture of me he insisted on commissioning for the entryway. The artist had done a spectacularly phenomenal job, and the brush strokes had me looking like some half-naked goddess right out of a Greek Renaissance masterpiece. 

I mean, sure, so Spade had threatened to cut out his eyeballs if he looked at me inappropriately. And maybe Joker had insisted on sitting on the other side o f me, out of sight of the angle he viewed me from, his fingers making it hard as shit to focus in the least bit, let alone hold a pose long enough to be painted.

Fucker insisted I just be photographed and whisked me off to do filthy things to me in the dressing rooms down the hall.

I still shuddered to think of the mess we left behind for Antonio’s cleaning crew.

Ace looked over his shoulder and rolled those gorgeous, expressive eyes at me. “Do you have it in you to be serious at all?”

I shrugged, enjoying getting under his skin today. “Nope.”

His scowl deepened. “I thought psychiatrists were supposed to be professional?”

BlackJack leaned over me and gripped the belt loop of my jeans in his hand, yanking me up and over onto his lap, where I was greeted with a lovely, stiff bulge beneath the surface of his sweatpants. 

I cast a smirk over my shoulder at Ace. “And I thought groveling meant being less of an ass, but here we are.”

Spade hadn’t wanted Ace anywhere near me after the stunt he pulled, and to be honest, a part of my heart still hurt from how cavalierly he threw me away and abandoned me to a possible death. But when faced with the information and the fear he’d most likely had sat on his lap, running high off the adrenaline from the attack, I can’t say I would have made any different choices.

So I grudgingly allowed him back in, and he’d been groveling at Spade and Joker’s insistence ever since. I thought the hand-painted masterpiece was a bit much, but you couldn’t really argue with two angry criminals, not when one held a knife to your balls and threatened to cut them off.

Spade. Gotta love the guy.

I heard Ace growling over my shoulder as BlackJack’s big hands gripped my ass and ground me over his bulging cock, dragging a moan from my lips at the friction between us. 

“Do you two have to do that right fucking here?”

Ace seemed . . . irate at the display, which of course, only made me want to do it more, so I lifted up on my knees and tugged my top out of the waistband of my jeans and up over my head, tossing it on the bed nearby. Clad now in only a bra and jeans, I knew it’d only be a matter of time before he joined.

And Jonah and I had been waiting for him to give in for a while.

My shy virgin lover had grown up fast, and he’d grown into a wonderfully kinky sex fiend, wanting to touch me whenever, wherever, however he could. He’d taken a page from Cass’s playbook of exhibitionism and begun sticking his hands—and his cock—places they shouldn’t be while out in public. 

He’d stolen some from Spade’s book, too, and now I couldn’t show my face at Kaz’s Kitchen, thanks to the explosive, screaming orgasm I’d had when he snuck beneath the table late one night and stuck his tongue and fingers so far into my pussy I’d forgotten how to breathe.

The bastard made me squirm by petting me over the outside of my leggings at the movies for the entire duration of a three-hour feature, and I’d had to beg Ace to fuck me bent over the trunk of his car in the parking lot, I was so desperate and wet.

I wasn’t in the mood to drag things out today.

“Take your cock out so I can fucking ride it,” I demanded, needing to feel him inside me more than I needed air to breathe. And I wanted Ace to watch.

Ace liked to watch, ironically enough. And the poor man deserved a gift for the gorgeous painting of me he was desperately trying not to drop on his toes as he watched me pull a knife from the inside of my boots.

“What are you planning with that knife, Mal?” Jonah eyed the blade warily as I slipped it into the band of my jeans and ripped a nice, long hole out along the seam. “Oh. Convenient.”

Ace groaned at the sight. “I’m going to kill Spade for insisting it was a good idea to arm you with a blade all the time. You can’t seem to refrain from tearing through every piece of clothing you own.”

BlackJack scowled at me as he watched the blade disappear back into my boot. “Those were three hundred dollar jeans, babe.”

I shrugged, knowing Joker was dying to buy me new clothes anyhow. Ever since the Whore Narnia fiasco, his single enjoyment in life was stuffing new clothes for me in the closet now, and I let him do it. It’d been a long time since I’d had new things and didn’t have to worry about every single dollar going out.

“Joker will replace them.”

He growled as his hands circled my torso and he rocked up, throwing me on my back as his frame settled between my thighs, that huge cock just dangling right out in the open for my enjoyment.

Fuck, it was so hard. I couldn’t wait for him to bury it in me.

“He’d better. I like your ass in those Levi’s.”

He snarled as his cock slipped inside me, and I arched into his touch, taking him deep, my core already slick and dripping for him. We were fucking like wild animals these days, my sex drive twice what it usually was, and I didn’t even care that he was railing me on Ace’s bedroom floor anymore. I needed this.

Needed him.

“Fuck, Jonah, just like that,” I panted, rocking my hips up into his. I didn’t know where he ended and I began, and I didn’t care. That was exactly how I liked it—stuffed, sated, and filled with their seed—one of them or all of them, I wasn’t picky.

They had a way about them that drove me crazy.

“Fuck,” he panted in my ear, his hips slamming into me, driving me into the floor as I rode out his feral energy. “Need to feel you come around me, Mal. Jesus, so tight. You fucking strangle my cock.”

Oh, did I forget to mention he’d developed quite a filthy tongue once I’d told him I liked to hear how he enjoyed it?

I cried out as my first orgasm overcame me, and I shattered beneath him, his dick stuffed so far inside me I thought I’d split in two. My back bowed, my fingers clawed at his back, and my mouth opened with a semi-silent scream as he reached a hand down and played with my clit while I came down from my high.

Ace was suddenly at my head, his cock dangling from his naked body right above my head. Without thinking, I made eye contact and reached up, dragging my tongue along his length with a little moan of approval.

His eyes drifted shut, and he leaned his head back, savoring the sensation with a sigh. “Mmm, I love that you love that, Miss Stanton, but this is for someone else today.”

I pouted momentarily, but then my brain caught up with the words he’d mumbled, and I froze beneath Jonah’s panting, now-tense frame. “Excuse me, does that mean what I think that means?”

I watched with rapt interest as he nodded to the man in front of him, and a whine slipped from my lips as his still-hard cock slipped from me and left me feeling adrift. He didn’t leave me long, though, and with a yelp, I was lifted off the floor and deposited on Ace’s very comfortable bed right at the edge. My legs dangled over the edge, and I stayed that way, content to watch as Ace’s hands appeared on either side of Jonah’s ribcage, slowly exploring upward to those sensitive nipples he liked to have played with.

“What are you planning to do to him, Kohei?”

Ace smiled down at me, his eyes sparkling with something very, very naughty. It had me fucking tingling from tip to toe, eager for whatever was about to happen. We’d joked about pegging BlackJack, but nobody was brave enough to actually try it, and he hadn’t made any overtures to the men that I’d known about. 

“I’m going to fuck him while he fucks you, of course.”

Jonah seemed more than eager now, and the little smile on his lips as Ace popped the lid off a bottle of lube told me they’d been planning this, probably for a while.

Fuck, why did the thought of someone pegging my big, strong sex fiend have me hotter than the surface of the sun?

“I think I’m going to spontaneously combust,” I whined, reaching down to touch myself as I imagined how hot this was about to be. “Fucking christ, would someone fuck me already?”

BlackJack reached down to brush some stray hairs from my face with a soft smile. “Now who’s insatiable? You just came, princess.”

“And now I want more,” I growled back, shoving two of my fingers inside myself in an effort to feel something. I needed to be filled, needed stuffed, and I was nearly humping my own hand with the uncontrollable desire. “Fuck, I want you—”

He didn’t make me wait long, yanking my fingers out of my dripping slit as he lifted one of my legs to his shoulder and rammed himself home with a grunt. “Fuuuuck, yes,” he groaned, leaning over me as Ace appeared at his back. “Do it now, while I’m so far inside her it feels like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Ace didn’t say anything more than ‘hold still’ before I felt the pressure of him entering Jonah from behind, the mutual groans of absolute ecstasy making me so fucking hot and wet I was afraid he might slip out of me. I wanted him to fuck me, but I wanted more than anything to have a better view of them fucking each other.

“Ace, kick the closet door open,” I panted, remembering he had a mirror installed there just in time. 

His mind worked the same way mine did, and with a smile, he did as I asked, and when the door slammed against the wall, I finally had the front-row seats I wanted so badly.

Ace reached down and spread BlackJack’s cheeks as he slipped his dick in and out of that tight ring, the wet squelching doing things to me that were downright obscene. I’d never wanted to come so bad in my fucking life, but I also never wanted to keep watching something so fucking much.

“Jesus, is it my birthday? Cause this feels like birthday sex.”

Jonah winced above me as his hips drove forward a little more as if he could possibly get further inside me. “Mal, just shut up and enjoy it, okay?” Ace moved the last inch and a half, and I watched as his hips pushed right up against the curve of BlackJack’s ass, driving them both into me simultaneously. 

“Fucking hell, that’s—”

Jonah gasped as Ace’s cock impaled him once, twice, three times as he stayed very still, hovering over me, buried to the hilt, just feeling the invasion he’d welcomed. I could feel every time Ace’s cock hit his prostate because it made his dick jump inside me, brushing against my most sensitive spots. Every roll of Ace’s hips dragged a breathy moan from his lips, and the more petite man had gripped Jonah’s hair in his hands and yanked him back, arching his spine in such a delicious way as he smiled at me in the reflection over his shoulder.

“Do you like to watch, too, Miss Stanton? It sure looks that way.”

Ace’s voice was smug as he took Jonah’s asshole virginity with a gentle calmness I hadn’t known he possessed. I turned away from his reflection to watch the sensations and feelings play out across the more inexperienced man’s face above me, loving the way Ace’s drags out pulled Jonah from my fluttering cunt, only to shove him back in as he rocked up inside again.

“Jesus hell, this is hot,” I moaned, touching my clit as I watched. “Fuck, Jonah, please move inside me; I can’t take it anymore.”

His answering grunt was confusing until I felt his hands grip my thighs and lift that leg higher, spreading me wide for his thrusts as he started to move again, sending me quickly spiraling toward oblivion.

And then they worked out a rhythm that had me seeing stars. Every thrust in was like two times the power, the way they worked in sync to fuck Jonah’s cock up into me with every rock of their hips. He spread me apart for his plundering and took without remorse, and when I came crashing down around him, screaming their names and gripping anything in view, I could practically feel Ace stiffen and find his own release, pinning poor Jonah between two shuddering messes.

I frowned at him as Ace pulled away, his cock still as hard as it had been when he started this whole thing. “How is it you managed to deny yourself orgasm through all that?”

He pulled out of me with a dangerous glint in his eyes and a smile on those pretty lips he often kissed me with. “Because now it’s your turn. I told the others I’d be the first to take your ass, and dammit, I’m not coming until I’m tight in that little hole and you’re screaming for release.”

I shuddered at the thought and smiled as Ace took his seat at the head of the bed, his cock in hand as he settled in for the rest of the show.

It was going to be a long night.