Mafia Men speak only one language–power. So I got fluent, fast. And now, I can’t get enough.

Soldier, Gatt, King, and Spectre–the Kings of Khula City.

This city is theirs, and they haven’t let anyone forget it in the five years they’ve been here, least of all my father. Their reputation is enough to make a grown man tremble, and they’re nothing to be trifled with. So my father does the unthinkable–sells me to the Fiero Mafia Family to gain himself an army.

Too bad the Kings have other plans.

I’ve become their newest bargaining chip in the precarious battle for the city, kidnapped from a wedding I already planned to skip out on. I’ve got a little secret, though–I was raised to be ruthless, and soon enough, I’ll find their weaknesses and use them to my advantage. These men exude danger and violence, but deep down, I’ve always been a little twisted myself, and I’d have to be dead to not be attracted to them. Using my body to work a target isn’t new to me, but the way their forbidden touches light me on fire threatens to destabilize my plans. I’ll take the pleasure they offer as their syndicate crumbles, but I’m not here to stay.

I’ll take this city back from my father and brother, and I don’t need a King to rule it–this queen’s doing just fine on her own.

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