These men I write are nothing but trouble with a capital “T”, but if red is your favorite color, and you love flags, then they’ll suit you just fine. Dive into the different series and enjoy everything from naughty, deranged criminals to filthy chefs and hot priests, and literally everything in between. The only thing blacker than their souls around here is the coffee that fueled their creation.

Daughter. Cam girl. Hot mess. And now, syndicate plaything.

I made a deal with the devil I know--my father–and now I’ve been bound, gagged, and tossed to the dogs as a political hostage.

Stone, River, Rafe, and Dominick are dangerous deviants who launder money for the Kings–and now they’re my sinfully sexy jailers. The only thing keeping me alive is their boss’s orders. When my father refuses to bargain for my life, I’ve outlived my usefulness–unless I can help them bring him down another way.

Helping them ruin the most powerful man in the city by day makes me hot under the collar, and soon my nights are spent bouncing from penthouse to penthouse, sharing electric touches and sparking feelings I shouldn’t have for my enemies. When Daddy Dearest attempts to tie up loose ends, all bets are off. These men have become mine, and I won’t let anyone take them from me.

The man who gave me life might run this city, but not for long. Money talks, and everyone has a price.

“Light is easy to love. Let me see your darkness.”


–R. Queen