Mafia Queens aren’t born, they’re made.

Digger, Jet, Pony, and Boss—four names synonymous with danger, power, and pain. As part of a blackjack bet, I’ve been given to these mafia kings by my father to do with as they please—but they don’t know what cards I’m hiding up my own sleeve.

Welcome to Khula City, where four legendary Mafia remnants of a bygone era cling desperately to power. My father was indebted to these four men thanks to his gambling addiction, but when the price got too steep, he played himself into a corner and bid me, his only daughter, like a mail-order bride—on a losing hand, no less.

Now, I belonged to these men who held my life—and my body—in their iron grip.

I went with these criminal bosses, but I didn’t go quietly, and if they thought I’d be a submissive little captive, they had another thing coming. I would fight them tooth and nail and make them rue the day they accepted me as collateral. I was Angeline Hernandez, daughter of fallen mafia princess Renata Torini, and I bowed to no man.